How Hosting Has Changed Over the Years

The internet is a place where businesses put themselves to a global audience. It’s also the place where people go to access all kinds of information. The internet changed a lot of things about our daily life compared to the past two decades.

Easy Days of Hosting

During the early days of the internet, one can’t establish their own website without enough technical background. The reason behind this is that you need to setup your own webserver at home. When the internet was revealed to the public in 1991, very few have access to it and they are mostly universities and other companies within the industrial, technological and scientific field.

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If you want to be able to establish your own website, you will have to establish your own webserver. That was way back in 1991, when the internet is still in its premature stage. Then, in 1995, GeoCities, Angelfire and Tripod was established and they offered free hosting. GeoCities offers 1MB of space, Angelfire offers 35KB and Tripod offers 2MB of web space. In today’s standards, those capacities won’t even handle a high resolution image, but back in the day, when plain text and html are prevalent, they are just enough to setup your own website.

Then in 1996, one of the biggest web hosts of today was founded, named Bluehost. In the same year, HostMonster started offering web hosting services, that was five years after the internet was revealed to the public. During that time, the average price for a shared hosting account was approximately $25 for around 150MB of web space.

Web Hosting Today

During the early days of web hosting, we learned that it’s not easy to setup your own website and your hosting options are either buy an expensive hosting plan or setup your own server. Today, you can get a shared hosting account for around $7 a month or even less than that. You can even get higher performance hosting plans like cheap windows VPS or dedicated servers that will allow you to serve millions of simultaneous hits.

Prices went down because demand increased and most businesses today will have their own websites. After all, with the rise of mobile devices that can access the internet, a lot of people is online and having your business website is imperative to make it easier for you and your potential customer.

In fact, some people will turn elsewhere if a business doesn’t have a website. People nowadays wants access to information easily and they want to have a fast way of sending feedback and/or purchasing products.

The Future of Web Hosting

Newer web hosting technologies are being developed all the time, and among the most popular and one of the most recent web hosting model and is called cloud hosting. Cloud hosting uses an array of physical servers scattered on different places to provide an extensible hosting resource.

Developments are still continuing to this day and we’re going to see the internet continue growing for years to come.…

All About Technology

It is quite possible that without the much-needed computer software, it is not feasible to run a computer. You need to know how this software is developed. People in charge of making and designing a software are computer programs that make utilization of exceptional programming language. The programmer writes his programs with the assistance of some commands that are written the simple language and is quite easy for us to be aware of.

The technical name for these commands is the ‘source code’. A program called ‘compiler’ is utilized in this code so that the data can be translated into a language that is known by the computer hardware. The software for the computer can be divided into two categories, the application software and the system software. The system software is the software that is responsible for the work of assisting the hardware function and the application software includes all the tasks that are done by the ones who use the computer. The application software has all the other tasks that are done by the computer users. The programming software has all the kinds of software.

There are computer games software, education software, and productivity software and media players. The computer games software is becoming famous for the lovers of video games and has different genres such as adventure games, action games and nice multiplayer online games.…

Basic Information About Computer Software


Information on the importance and utilization of various types of computer software can assist in making life convenient and easier. Technology is altering nowadays and updating at top speed and due to this many aspects are now becoming feasible and very convenient. The computer is the largest gift of technology to the human beings and has to major parts, the hardware and the software.

The hardware deals with the physical component of the functioning of the computer and the software are responsible for telling the hardware about the tasks that need to be done. The hardware is the computer’s body and the computer software is the part that conveys to the brain about what to perform. It is pivotal that the software is composed of the central part of the nice working of the computer.

The major function of the software is to translate the ideas and directions to the hardware so that the work can be done in a right manner. This function involves a conversion of the language we can be aware of into the computer language so as to make it feasible for the hardware to know the nature of the function to be done.