Cool Gadgets to Go With Your New Laptop

You just bought a cool new laptop and you love it.  As cool as it is a laptop never comes with everything you are going to need right out of the box.  In fact there are some cool gadgets to go with your new laptop you are going to want to get to make the most out of it.  So what do you need?  Here are some of the things you will need to make your laptop work for you.


If you are using your laptop for work or school then you are going to need something to carry it around in.  You need a bag that is big enough for your laptop along with other pockets and organizers to carry your cord, USB cables and whatever else you need.  The bag needs to be water resistant so the first rain storm doesn’t destroy your laptop.  You can grab one for under $30.

An HDMI Cable

Want to use your big beautiful flat screen as a monitor or watch a movie that is on your hard drive.  Then grab yourself an HDMI cable that is about 10 ft long so you can connect to a TV easily.

Gaming Mouse

Touch pads are great if you’re traveling and have no elbow room.  However if you want to do some serious work or gaming then you need a real mouse.  If you’re a gamer then you want one that has all the bells, whistles and controls that you could ever ask for.  To fit all those requirements grab yourself the Logitech G300 Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse.  Here is a look at everything it can do.

A Good Webcam

If you video chat with family far away, have video conferences or do the occasional Facebook live then you know the webcam on your average laptop can make you look like you haven’t slept in the last 6 years or your image is incredibly blurry.  Neither of which does you any favors.  Instead you can grab a half decent webcam for under $50.  It takes better pics works even in low light and will improve the overall experience.

An External Hard Drive

Even the best laptops only come with limited storage space.  Often it isn’t enough to storage for the amount of photos or videos that most of us keep on hand.  That’s where the external hard drive becomes your best friend.  Portable hard drives can now hold 2 TB of storage giving you plenty of room for all those videos.