Tweaks to Extend the Life of Your Laptop

So you just bought a new Acer laptop and you love it.  It is powerful, you can get lots of work done it weighs hardly anything so it is super easy to carry around and you cleaned out your bank account buying it.  You want to make this laptop last a while, you can’t afford to buy a new one every year.  Let’s show you a couple of tweaks to extend the life of your laptop.

Get Some Storage Cards

While you may have wanted that sleek looking Ultrabook but it was out of your price range.  Models are priced based largely on their storage options.  Trade off a smaller hard drive and instead get more storage using an external drive or SD cards.  You can even use a low profile 128GB flash drive that you can barely see.  Flash drives are inexpensive and you can have a handful of them backing up your files.

Keep the Fur Babies off the Laptop

We know you love your pets and so do we.  Having your cat or dog on your laptop while you work may seem cool, but all that dog and cat hair has to go somewhere.  The last place you want it to end up is in the vent on the side, under the keys or into the speaker.  While this was a bigger problem with older laptops, it can still even happen with the new ones.  Not to mention all that dust and dander can make your laptop overheat, causing you a bunch of problems.

Save Your Battery

Why bother with a laptop if the battery only lasts 20 minutes, you bought this in order to get some work done.  You should have a battery that gets you through the day.  If you want to extend the life of your battery then try doing the following.

  • Turn on battery saving mode: There is a battery saving mode somewhere in the settings, it wills help your battery last longer.
  • Turn down the lights: Big bright displays drain your battery so dim your display as needed.
  • Disconnect any peripherals: These are things like flash drives, speakers or connecting your phone all of these will drain your battery.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Both of these will drain your battery when you aren’t using them.  If you are traveling then turn off the Wi-Fi so that you laptop isn’t constantly looking to pair to a modem.
  • Get a laptop with an SSD drive: Traditional hard drives take lots of power to use whereas SSD use far less power.  If you use the laptop constantly then get one with the best drive possible.
  • Avoid viruses: Viruses can slow down your laptop. Prevent them by using a secure private server.

Stay Away From Food

Last but not least keep the food and drinks away from your laptop.  This should go without saying but if you have ever been in a Starbuck before you know how often this is ignored.

There you have it, tricks on making your laptop last for as long a possible.